The Climate Gap A short introductory video for a project exploring the consequences of Global Warming in the urban environment and how those with the least will be most effected. Filmed in Los Angeles using an old digital video camera the low quality picks up movement with a hazy heatwave visual effect. For Syria An excerpt of visuals made for a fund-raiser for Syrian refugees in Glasgow using a range of found footage from Syrian fruit and birds to neglected tourist destinations and ancient Syrian Artefacts. The footage was repeated, manipulated and distorted in various ways to make it slightly unsettling for the viewer. Mirage Created for a group exhibition held in October 2017 which explored misinformation in the media through imagery, language and alteration. By manipulating an image of Middle Eastern desert on Photoshop to create an obviously tampered with ripple like effect media's ability to do this is brought to light. Things You Believe As part of the same exhibition this was an interactive piece; compiled of Youtube footage from the search 'things you won't believe.' This footage was then interspersed with live webcam footage in the next room on the opening night and another webcam which was behind the viewer including them in the shot. A play on the viewed and viewer role reversal.
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